Coral Spawning 2016

Watch for news
*Watch this space come summer as we will be posting the 2017 Coral Spawning dates when they become available!

The Coral Spawning was a bit less than stellar this year, but we DID see one release as it left the coral head. Mother Nature was not quite as cooperative as she has been in past years, but she did not completely fail us either! The divers all had a GREAT time and those that saw the brief release were in awe, as always.

This is certainly a trip you want to "take a chance" on as for many, many years, the "performance" has been nothing short of outstanding. We certainly will not let ONE "less than outstanding" spawning discourage us - so watch this space for our next Coral Spawning quest in AUGUST 2017!

No words can adequately describe the experience you see. Watch the video below filmed in High Definition by our Emmy Award winning Videographer, Frazier Nivens. See for yourself. You don't want to miss this!

*Please remember this IS "Mother Nature" at work. While the "predicted dates" have been quite accurate in recent years, there is NO GUARANTEE the coral will spawn during these times.

Below, please enjoy a sample video of the Coral Spawning by Frazier Nivens

Coral Spawning Video