Creature Feature

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CAPTAIN SLATE'S must see dive is his world famous Creature Feature! Tamed and nurtured for over 25 years, his "pets"have been seen in over 60 TV shows, including 60 Minutes, Discovery, Animal Planet, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Captain Slate does this dive every Friday and Sunday morning.

Join us for the next Creature Feature! Let Captain Slate introduce you to one of his pets for an experience you'll never forget.

Frazier Nivens, an Emmy award winning videographer, videos every Creature Feature with his professional HD camera so you can take a memory of your wonderful experience home to show all. Check out the Creature Feature movie trailer!

Creature Feature Video

Video: Shot by Professional Videographer, Frazier Nivens and available for purchase after the dive.

» YOUR name in the titles!

» Includes the entire Creature feature

» Includes an additional 1 hour + of High Definition footage of reefs, wrecks and  dolphins in the Florida Keys.