Certification Classes

Please note: Course prices INCLUDE Academic Materials

Open Water Diver $485 X   X X
Open Water Referral / Check-out Dives - 2 Days, 4 Dives $300 X X X X
Advanced Open Water Diver $395 X X X X
Rescue Diver (2-3 Days) $250 X X X X
Divemaster $1063 X X X X
Resort Course - Full Day, Pool Session, 2 Dives $190 X X X X
Refresher Course/Tune-Up - One day, Pool Session, 2 Dives $190 X X X X
Refresher Course - Academics, Pool Session, No Dives $95 X X X X
Altitude Diver (not available onsite) $195 X      
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation $195 X      
Boat Diver $195 X X X X
Cavern (not available onsite) $495 X      
Deep Diver $395 X   X X
Dive Propulsion Vehicle $195 X X X X
Drift Diver $195 X X X X
Drysuit $195 X      
Digital Underwater Photographer $195 X X X  
Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) $195 X X X X
Emergency First Response including Care for Children w/AED $125 X X X  
Emergency Oxygen Provider $95 X      
Equipment Specialist $195 X X X X
Fish Identification $195 X      
Full Face Mask Diver $195 X      
Ice Diver (not available onsite) $495 X      
Marine Resource Management $295 X      
Multi-level Diver $195 X X X  
Night Diver $195 X   X X
Peak Performance Buoyancy $195 X X X  
Public Safety Diving $495 X      
Search and Recovery Diver $295 X X X X
Side Mount Diver $295 X      
Spiegel Grove Diver $195 X      
Tec Rec Gas Blender $195 X      
Underwater Naturalist $195 X X X X
Underwater Navigator $295 X   X X
Underwater Videographer $195 X X X  
Wreck Diver $295 X   X X
Photo Pro with Frazier Nivens $750        
Video Pro with Frazier Nivens $750        
Handicapped Scuba Assoc. Diver Levels ABC $500        
Handicapped Scuba Assoc. Dive Buddy $362        
Nitrox $195        
Nitrox Blender $195   X    
CPROX $79        
CPR 1st $79        
**TECHNICAL DIVING CERTIFICATIONS (Instructor Level)**          
Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Procedures $1000        
Extended Range Diver $900        
Tri mix Diver $1000        
Advanced Tri mix Diver $1000        
Advanced Wreck Diver $895        
Nitrox Blender $195        
Tri mix Blender $195        
CPROX $325        
CPR 1st $325  

Please note: Cost shown for Technical Diving Courses covers instruction only and does not include equipment hire, gas, materials or boat fees, which are additional.