The Captain

The Crew


Capt. Sky

Co-Owner and Daughter

Sky makes sure to keep Capt. Slate in line! She is a 50 TON USCG licensed captain and a SEI Scuba Diving Instructor. Capt. Sky loves driving the boats, spearfishing, and teaching people how to dive. She also loves having music on the boats and to make your dive trip one you cant forget.


Olivia Ayers

1st Mate/Dive Master


Capt. TomBean Loveday

Boat Captain

Tom is an experienced captain and has been for many years. He has spent his whole life on and around boats and knows how a thing or two about boat safety. Not only a seasoned captain, Tom is also a veteran diver and has dove everywhere in and around the keys.


James Sterling

1st Mate/Instructor


Skip "Old Man" Dawson

Boat Captain

He has been a part of the Slate Family for 29 YEARS! Skip is not only one of our Captains but he is also our Course Director. Skip is a SEI/NAUI/SDI-TDI/SSI instructor. Skip served in the Army, was a military diver. We don't know where we would be without Capt. Skip!


Grace Kessler

1st Mate/Dive Master